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The Trip That Changed My Life...

After going on a mission trip with them to the Dominican Republic in 2011, my life forever changed. I met a very sick three-year-old little boy named Juancito who had a terrible fever and an infection in his mouth from chewing on sugar cane because of the lack of food available to him. I was even told that he was unable to sleep at night because of the amount of pain he was in. He followed me around and very quickly captured my heart. I picked him up, he instantly fell asleep on my shoulder, and I completely lost it. We came from two different countries, two completely different ways of life and didn't even speak the same language, but we had an instantaneous bond that ended up changing my life in ways I could not even imagine.

I was fortunate enough to see him again the following day and bring him some clothes, medication and some money to have his teeth removed. He became the happy three-year-old he should have been all along, but I still had such a sense of guilt when I got home. It was extremely hard for me to just go into my refrigerator when I was hungry or take an Advil if I had a head ache, because I knew Juancito couldn't.

I knew I had helped Juancito, but I still felt like I needed to do more. I posted a photo on Facebook of a hand-painted wine glass I made asking friends to place orders and donate. Nearly six years later, I have never been caught up on my orders. A Glass Full of Hope was formed and run strictly through a Facebook and Instagram page for the first few years. I have made hundreds of glasses, raised thousands of dollars for the DR Mission Team and was even able to help build a house for relatives of Juancito's family on Batey 50, where he is from. Luckily Juancito was able to leave the batey and move to the city of La Romana where he now goes to school.

I absolutely love doing what I do and could not have gotten where I am today without each and every one of your purchases and support. Please continue to purchase glasses and other crafty decorations from me so I can continue to help more and more people in the Dominican Republic!

Did you know...

Three quarters of the world are living in abject poverty.

Did you know...

More than one billion people are living on less than $2.50 per day.

Did you know...

Over 1.6 billion people don't have any access to any form of modern electricity.


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